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boekjes2001.jpgFrans Dekker provided the following biographical information.  "I am 54 years old, married with a very lovely wife, I have 3 girls (young women) of  28, 26 and 21 years. I started my working life at a shipyard, I was for 10 years a ship carpenter.

After that time I became an policeman. I am new what you call a sergeant in an area above Amsterdam. (15 kilometres to the north of Amsterdam) I am living in de polder Beemster, a lake until 1612 when it came empty by windmills. Polder the Beemster is on the list op World heritage.
When I was a very young boy I started with building ships. When I married mi wife in the year 1975 I had more things to do so I started building ships again when I became the age of 35 years.
I started with building SIB but at this moment I have built an V.O.C. ship from 1650. The ship is 1.42 meters long is ready now. (4 years of building, 3000 hours)

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