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Bottle 627 - Vletterman
Date Added: 08 June 2008

From Frans Dekker, artist. "A vletterman. Sometimes i am asked to make a SIB in commission. This SIB is such a one. In the big harbours are working a type of ships that are used to bring the rope-yarn from the big see-going ships to the Kay. Here (in Holland) we call them vlettermen. A vlet is a small almost see-wordy open ship. The firm that works in the harbour of Amsterdam is called De Koperen Ploeg. (The Copper Team) A man was going whit retirement after 31 years of sailing in a vlettermen. I made the hull in two parts en cut the inside out because it is an open boot. The iron hull is what we call "gejoggeld." I do not now the English word for it but it is a way of putting two iron plates together. They were not put against each other but over each other. It makes the hull much stronger. There for I have put very thin strokes of wood on the hull on the places where the parts are put together. At the inside I made a front with a door in it and a steering wheel. I painted two telephones on the front and some other stuff. In the open inside is standing a part of the ship I do not no the name of. The steering wheel you can see at the iron standard is used for opening en closing an other part of iron. If the sailors throwing the small rope to the vlettermen the tightening it between the two parts of iron which they use the steering wheel for. A wooden bank at the back-front, two ropes on the front-side of the deck and a life-buoy inside is completing it all. An easy model but very nice for the men to get it for his retirement."
Type: Small Seaworthy Open Ship   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: Length 24,5 cm Bottleneck 22 mm   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Round 8,5 cm