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Bottle 667 - Cutty Sark
Date Added: 08 October 2008

The hull was made from lindwood. It is a full body model mounted on two pilasters. The deck parts were made out of mahogony. The figurehead was inspired from a story by Tom O’Shanter with the witches in the forest. The figurehead is a witch made out of a special hard wood with the size of 7 mm long, 4 mm high and 3 mm wide. The hull was painted more than 5 times. The underwater part was painted in copper colour. Before the paint dried, the soft paint was made to look like "copper plates” with a sharp iron needle. The masts are made in 3 sections. After the masts were completed the backstays were fitted on the masts and the masts were rigged. The rigging was completed with the shrouds and ratlines. Then the parts on deck including the deckhouses, life-boats, spars, fife-rail, chicken-fowl’s and more, were installed. The sails were made out of paper and stitchlines and reef lines were drawn in pencil. The sails were painted with linseed to make them look older. All of the sails on the model she ever sailed with including the studding-sails/stunt sails were built. The sails were glued on the the spars made from wood and the spars were lengthen with studding sail boom’s made out of rattan which is very thin and does not break easily. A Turks head knot was tied on the bottleneck and it was ready.
Type: 1869 Clipper Ship   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: 320mm x 180mm   Year Made: 2008 September
Bottle Type: Unidentified