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2018-01-04 1348 Alert 1777 Naval Cutter in a Bottle Alert 1777 Naval Cutter in a Bottle Schultz, Matthias
2018-01-04 1349 Ms Friedrich and Die Wesser in Bottle 1816 Paddle Steamer in a Bottle Liners Schultz, Matthias
2018-01-04 1353 Walfang um 1850 in a Bottle 1850 Whaling Scene in a Bottle Sailing Ships Histel, Roger
2017-12-31 1360 Tw-IT-ter in a Bottle Trump Tweets in a Bottle Whimsey Hagen, Laura
2017-12-30 1352 Along the Loire in a Bottle Sailing Scene in a Bottle Watercraft Histel, Roger
2017-12-29 1351 Fram Expedition in a Bottle Three-masted Schooner Diorama in a Bottle Sailing Ships Histel, Roger


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Gallery Submit Bottles Do you have a bottle you would like to have added to the Gallery? Now, you can conveniently submit your bottles through the website by completing a submission from inside the Gallery tab. Please be aware that there may be some time lapse before your bottle is added. I do reserve the right to accept or reject bottles for inclusion, as well as, the right to edit submissions when and where appropriate. (Date Added: 2018-01-10)
Artists (A-D) Jo Dashwood-Howard, Artist Jo Dashwood-Howard, Artist (Date Added: 2018-01-09)
Workshop - General Tips and Ideas Handmade and Specialty Tools Handmade and Specialty Tools for Ship in Bottle Building (Date Added: 2018-01-08)
Artists (E - H) Roger Histel, Artist Roger Histel, Artist (Date Added: 2017-12-30)
Artist (S - Z) Matthias Schultz Article Matthias Schultz Article (Date Added: 2017-12-29)