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Bottle 626 - Submerged Submarine
Date Added: 29 May 2008

From the Artist: "A submarine. I don’t now when i got a strange kind of bottle but i decided to make something out of it. The bottle was not round. There was missing a part of the circle. A friend of mine, (Henny Fransen, also a SIB maker and on this site) sailed in his young days on a submarine. He has made a submarine in a bottle, the Tonijn, witch is to see on your site. He challenged me to make a submarine and send me a picture of a sub that is coming up out of the dept of the see with the nose out of the water. At that moment I was very busy and I did not have the time to spend much time on the sub. I decided to make only the tower of the sub. A small piece of lindewood the front and back side round and there is a tower. Two masts, one with the periscope in it and the other one to get fresh air (I think, I do not now much about submarines). A small hole in the top, the place where the captain and the 1st officer can look over the see. Painted black and ready is the sub. But that was not enough. I made a captain and the 1st officer and placed them in the tower. The captain is looking out over the see true his telescope. It is more a joke than a SIB but I like jokes. New I am waiting to get a same bottle so I can make the hull of the submarine and place the bottle whit the tower on the bottle whit the hull. To make the sailors for a SIB I uses thin copper wire. A few small nails in a wooden plank as shown on the picture, some white glue on it and some paint and ready are the sailors. After cutting true the copper wire it is possible to give the sailor knee’s and a elbow’s whit a pare of tweezers. You can bow them and the will stay as you put them." Frans Dekker
Type: Partly Submerged Submarine   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Military   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: Length 31,5 cm bottleneck 35 mm   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Half Circle 8.5