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4-221-12whimseyjewelry 083.jpgKeith Brown was born in West Covina in 1953 and was schooled and graduated from local schools. He developed an interest in art at an early age and used several types of media for his art. He continued his education and received an A.A. Degree in fine Arts.

He lived several years as a 'starving artist' barely squeaking by doing art shows and craft sales. Tired of being poor and constantly hungry he opted for a working career from labor jobs, warehouse work, automotive mechanic, food service, sales, and more; finally ending with a 31 year career working with the telecommunications industry doing outside cable maintenance and repair.

Having been married and raising two children and while having won several awards for his work, Keith never completely lost the desire to commit more time to the arts from ink drawing, print making, ceramics, 3-D design, leather work, metal work, carpentry, carving, glass etching and engraving, and finally committing more time to bottle whimsey.

He never forgot the intrigue of seeing a ship in a bottle during his visits to his Grandmother’s house when he was young and he completed his first ship in a bottle at the age of 13. On-and-off over the next 40+ years he finally settled on building bottle 'whimsies'.  Self-taught, he developed his own techniques to "mystify, amuse and amaze".

Keith states “that it is an unusual hobby requiring countless hours of frustration, experimentation, trial and error to finally achieve an ageless statement of ones skill and artistic ability. One of a few trying to keep alive a struggling form of folk art.”


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">Covina artist's work is a bit 'whimsy' - Newspaper Article about Keith Brown

Group Builds:

- HMS Bounty

- Fantasy Building Project 


Building a Thread Spool in a Bottle - by Keith Brown


Back to the Basics - by Keith Brown


Bottles by Keith Brown


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