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Bottle 1080 - Puzzle Stick
Date Added: 26 June 2013

This is bottle contains a long flat stick the goes from the bottom of the bottle to about 3/4" outside the bottle, Just below the neck line is a slot through the stick. Through that slot is inserted a crosspiece that had glued on ends that make the crosspiece the same size as the main stick. On the other side is a one inch dowel going through the crosspiece and on each end of the dowel are closed safety pins making it impossible to remove the dowel form the crosspiece and this making it impossible to remove the crosspiece from the main stick. It is a real mystery how the crosspieces and pins were inserted inside the bottle. On the end of the main stick is the artist's name "Keith Brown" and on the other side "2-13" for the month and year it was built. Keith Brown gave this as a gift to Greg Alvey on June 18, 2013.
Type: Puzzle Stick   Maker's Name: Brown, Keith
Category: Whimsey   Made Where: Covina, CA
Bottle Size: 9" x 2 1/4"   Year Made: 2013
Bottle Type: Beer Bottle