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Bottle 562 - P65
Date Added: 18 August 2007

This is a highly detailed and well made model of a patrol-boat that is used by the Dutch water police all over Holland. It is the P (Police) 65. The hull is made in two sections that are joined by wooden dowels. It is painted dark blue on the main part and light blue toward the top. On both sides of the hull are wale’s or bend’s to protect the sides of the boat. There is a large white deck house made from several pieces There are 7 sections with windows made of very thin triplex and the "glass" is made with thin hard plastic. Through the windows you can see many details inside the deckhouse such as seats for the crew and two chairs in the front, one for the steersman and one for the captain. Around the deckhouse is a white railing and there is additional railing on the deck near the stern of the boat. In the stern are is a large crane made from copper and painted white. The boat has bollards out of thin copper nails and a deck boat made from red copper wire for the tube and yellow copper for the hull. There are two little deckhouses, one in the centre of the ship and one on the starboard side with a pipe. There is a large mast mid-deck with several antennas attached to the mast. There are little copper circles painted red used as life-buoy. The bottle has a bottleneck with an inside dimension of 20 mm. The bottle is sealed with a cork and there is a Turk's head knot around the neck. The bottle rests on a wooden plinth with an old rope around the edges.
Type: Dutch Patrol Boat   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: 9 x 9 x 23 cm   Year Made: 2007, August
Bottle Type: Bokma