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Bottle 805 - Fluytschip
Date Added: 01 May 2010

The wood I use was peer wood. Whit line-see-oil over it peer wood had the right colour I wanted. I sawed the block of peer wood in 4 quarters’. The where held to gather whit wooden pins. One of the problems is that you can see the line between the both sides. Therefore is made my own triplex used as deck. I planed different thin curls of red cedar wood. I glued them cross-wise upon each other and after the gleu was dry I sanded the triplex. Because of the fine ring’s in the red cedar wood it looks like wooden planks of a ships deck. I put two deck hatches on deck and a capstan at the front of the deck. The railing is made of peer wood but the frame you can see above the deck is bamboo. I made a wooden stick that passes true the upper deck to steer whit. In Dutch we called it a kolderstok. The kolderstok is placed conform the way the rudder stands. This time I wanted a model without any sails so you good see the rigging very well.

The masts and spars are made of peer wood. The blocks are made of cattle bones. In the future I wanted to make a SIB made of (cow) bones. Therefore the butcher has given me some cow bones. Trying something out I discovered that the bones are flexible and very strong. I sawed thin lines (1mm. x 1 mm.) of cow bones and drilled holes in it of 0.4 mm. and cut them of at 1,5 mm. length. It worked out perfectly.

The rigging is separated in two sorts. One is the standing rigging. It is always black. The ropes are painted whit Swedish cool tar to preserve it from the weather. The ropes to set the sails are in there natural colour. Therefore I used black and light yellow thread. Two anchors completed the Fluytschip.

I placed the Fluytschip on a chair made of palm wood. To place the ship horizontal there was a problem. The bottom of the bottle is round. To make a flat bottom I put a floor of synthetic resin. While the top of the resin was still soft I put the chair on it so it is tightened in the resin. First I placed the two bottom sections on the chair. After that I removed the mast and rigging from the two upper parts of the hull. All the four parts of the hull are put together in the bottle without any problem. The were to come. The masts (including the bow sprit) and rigging is always the great problem to put it on the ship. This time the mizzen mast was during the way in turned over, including the rigging. That was the moment I discovered that the ropes from the sails were not as strong as I thought the were. Several ropes were broken but I managed to repair them all, almost invisible. It took two full days to place the mast and rigging in the bottle but I think the result is nice but it good be better. The spars are not all standing right. That is because some ropes are broken and to repair it the hat to be a little shorter.
Type: Fluytschip   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: 320 mm x 210 mm   Year Made: 2010
Bottle Type: Unknown