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Bottle 768 - Noach
Date Added: 29 October 2009

From the Artist: "At the shipyards of former employers there were always half models of different kind of ships at the office. In the old days the were made to look at the way the under water part of the ship was good and to look what was the best way the metal plates of the hull good put together. In contrary to a usual ship in a bottle the difficulty is not the masts and rigging but the shape of the under water part of a ship. A wooden board in the middle of the bottle was made of 2 mm thick triplex. The plates of the board (17 mm wide and 60 mm long) are fitted in small wooden sticks of 5 x 5 mm. in the sticks I sawed a groove. The groove was to wide so I had to make a smaller part to fill it up. (painted yellow) Al the parts are painted in different colours. Then it was time to look at the models. I chose for this model the "Noach," a Dutch ship built to transport cargo in 1857 and in here days in Holland very famous. I also built the "City of Amsterdam (that model can be seen under Bottle ID 767). I built the (under water part of the Noah out of planks from peer wood and maple, 1 mm thick. The right shape of the hulls were seen in different kind of books about ships. Small copies of the different water lines were glued on the wooden planks so the right shape good be sawed en cut of. After the planks ware put together with glue the upper part where put on the lower parts of the hull by wooden sticks. Then is was time to make the hull in the right shape. With knives, small axes, files and sand paper (starting with no 80 than 120 and the latest 250) the (half) hull’s were prepared in to the right shape. The lowest parts of the hull’s, especially where the rudder is placed, where so thin that I had to put 1 mm triplex at the backside of the models. The shape of the keelson, stem and rudder is seen on the triplex. The upper part of the Noach is painted black en the deck is painted light brown. I finished the model with line-seed oil. For the stand I choose a slipway made of oak wood. The bottle is 280mm x 75mm and the diameter of the bottle opening 22mm." Frans Dekker, Artist
Type: Half Hull Model   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: 280mm x 75mm   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: Unknown