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Bottle 666 - Kareltje
Date Added: 16 September 2008

From the Artist, Frans Dekker: "A female colleague of my asked my to make a model of a sloop. Her parents where celebrating there 30 years of marrying and as a present she wanted to give them a model of there sloop. It was a "Van Wijk 550." I made the model in two parts with wooden pins between them. In the middle a steering-wheel and on the sides benches. The hood (?) was made of wood. I made puppets as the parents of my colleague out of a picture. I made them from palm-wood. Very hard to work with but it das not break easily. A round the sloop I have made a messenger and a iguana. Painted it looks very good. The size of the bottle: round 85 mm, length 250 mm, size of the bottleneck: 22 mm, size of the sloop: length 68 mm, width 32 mm."
Type: Van Wijk 550 Sloop   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Figures   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: Length 250 mm, round 85 mm   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Unidentified