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Bottle 1439 - Skutsje Leeuwarden in a Bottle
Date Added: 02 April 2020

The Skutsje Leeuwarden in a Bottle is a model of a typical cargo ship in Holland until around 1880. Skutsje is the name of these ships in Friesland. In normal Dutch that means tjalk. It is a cargo ship from the Northern part (Friesland) of Holland. Until about 1880 these kind of ships where built of wood and later on in metal. The length of these kind of ships are 12 to 20 meters. There are still a lot of these ships left and every year in the month of August they are sailing against each other in Friesland. You can see it every day on TV. It is a great honour to win these contest. There is a saying in Holland that these ships can sail over a wet meadow !!! That is because the always are sailing in very shallow waters. The transported cow dung, sugar beets, terp earth and all other things that needed to be transported. (Terp earth is fertile soil)
Type: Cargo Ship in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Dekker, Frans
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Beemster, Holland
Bottle Size: One Gallon   Year Made: 2016
Bottle Type: Unidentified