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718 (21).jpgThis is a pictorial description for a log cabin built in a 3 liter wine bottle by Kevin Stoltzfus. It will be donated for an auction held annually in June to raise money for the Mennonite home where Kevin's mother-in-law is living.  The bottle is named "Mother's Cabin" and Kevin worked hard over a two year period to make this Cabin special. Although Kevin has built other cabins, this was the most difficult one to date because of the roof. The roof contains between 475 to 500 shingles, and alone, took one year to finish. Kevin also added some very nice details like flowers in window boxes at all the windows, a bicycle leaning at the back of the cabin, a dog with a newspaper at the front door, and more.

Kevin never sells his work anymore because of the time that it takes to finish one project.  The last time he donated a piece to charity was over 10 years ago when he made a donation to a Transport for Christ auction.

 Pictures of the early construction stages of the logs going up, doors installed, and the roof trusses added on:

718 (2).jpg 718 (1).jpg

718.jpg 718 (3).jpg 718 (4).jpg 718 (5).jpg

Putting on the shingled roof:

718 (6).jpg 718 (7).jpg

718 (8).jpg 718 (9).jpg 718 (10).jpg 718 (11).jpg

Adding the finishing touches and the details of the dog, bicycle, window boxes and flowers:

718 (12).jpg 718 (16).jpg 718 (18).jpg 718 (19).jpg 718c.jpg