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A Gift of the Tres Hombres by Frans Dekker


In October 2015 I decided to go with retirement in October 2016. At that moment I decided  also to make a SIB for all the colleagues I worked with the last years. That where 25 men and woman. The where all dear to me. In my former profession you have to rely on each other and those 25 beautiful people have given me the most beautiful years of my life at the police force.


That was the reason I wanted to give them all a SIB at my farewell. They know of my passion and admire this. I decided to make 28 times de Tres Hombres. One of the very few commercial sailing vessels without engine. Because commercial sailing ships in Netherlands may be registered only if they are equipped with a engine is the Tres Hombres registered in the Caribiean.  


So I made in first 28 hulls which are painted in Primer. Also made in 28 x deckhouses and deck hatches, then I made 28 x 2 masts and associated spars. Then I painted everything. The yellow line under the rail shows the beautiful sheer of the hull.. The whole is very colourful which corresponds to the destination of the Tres Hombres, the Caribbean. I made the sailing afterwards to the masts and provided the whole of rigging. Then it was time to the rigging. Then the masts were with the rigging on the hull fastened. Then I put in an original Tres Hombres bottle in which rum had been sitting, a sea of plasticine. After that it was only a matter of bringing the ship in the bottle on the sea. A cork with a wax cap made it all off.


It took me half a year to realize the 28 SIB's. At the farewell party for my colleagues they were completely surprised by my gift to them. They were all touched and very proud that they now had a ship in a bottle made by me.


(25 SIB i have given to my colleagues and 3 to my grandchildren)