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Bottle 838 - Sinop
Date Added: 11 August 2010

In history of development of fleet there was short enough, but very interesting period - transition from a sail to the machine. Some time back to me very much wanted to construct model of a similar vessel. Is not present certainly, the first steamships, ???????-screw schooners, motor-boats, yachts - all this is very interesting and even today is quite actual, but it would be desirable to make something as speak exotic. The idea to construct model of the linear ship "SINOP" as a result was born. In the brief history of the vessel is those: in 1852 on the basis of the decree of emperor Nikolay I in Nikolaevsk admiralty has been incorporated the 135-gun screw linear ship. Originally the ship has been named "BOSFOR". There have simultaneously been begun negotiations with English firm Modsley & Co about the conclusion of the contract on manufacturing of steam machines for courts of the given type. All plans was broken with the begun Crimean war. In England it was necessary to refuse the order of mechanisms. Nevertheless construction of cases did not stop and on September, 26th, 1857 the ship by then renamed in "SINOP" has been floated. By the first commander captain I of a rank I.A.Endogurov has been appointed. According to the Parisian peace treaty of 1856 Russia had no right to have on Black sea military fleet, therefore SINOP and to it similar CESAREVITCH has been decided to translate to Baltic. As 1857?. Again the question of equipment of the ships has been lifted by steam mechanisms. As a result the contract with firm Modsley & Co on manufacturing of two complete sets of steam mechanisms with screw ?????????? has been concluded. Installation of installations it was planned to spend in Kronstadt. In the beginning of December 1858 SINOP and CESAREVITCH have left Sevastopol. During transition in Aegean sea both of the ship have got during a storm and have received strong damages of cases. Repair SINOP took place in Toulon until March 9, 1859.. After that on June, 28th SINOP has arrived to Kronstadt. In August of the same year from England steam mechanisms have been delivered and there has been begun their installation. Works proceeded till the summer 1861?. On trial runs at frequency of rotation of a rowing shaft 43 rev/min SINOP has gained momentum 10,38 units. The ship was registered in structure of the Baltic fleet, to foreign campaigns did not go, and with 1869 at all did not arm with artillery. On January, 26th, 1874 SINOP and CESAREVITCH have been excluded from the list of courts of fleet. About model. It is made traditionally of a tree and a cardboard. Masts and yards were cut from bamboo, sail out of paper. Sails jib and mainsail stacked on top of the yards to ensure the best overview of the deck and chimney. Unfortunately the images glass to distort some parts of the image. The sizes of model: Length between perpendiculars 127 mm, Length full 165 mm, Width of the case 26 mm, Height from keel to the truck mast 110 mm, Scale 1 : 700. The sizes of a bottle: Diameter of a neck internal 26,5 mm, Height internal 125 mm, Length external 325 mm. In 2000, this model of the Sinop won 1 place in category ?5 in the championship of Russia.
Type: 130 Gun Battleship   Maker's Name: Babkin, Vladislav
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Tiksi, Russia
Bottle Size: 325 mm x 125 mm   Year Made: 1999
Bottle Type: Unidentified