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Bottle 498 - Diana
Date Added: 14 December 2006

This is an exceptional, competition model of the "Diana," a Sloop of War originally built in Sviritsa, Russia in 1807. The ship is a whole hull model built to exacting detail to the actual ship. The ship's deck includes the gratings, hatches, pumps, beakhead, capstan, windlass, rudder, catheads, fife rails, binnacle, wheel and more. There are also the details of the ringbolts , hinges, hoops, bolts, anchor, and assorted metal fastenings. The sloop has 3 masts, the foremast, the mainmast ,the mizzenmast and the bowsprit with a dolphin striker. The masts are all made from bamboo and are in sections - the mast which is secured to the mast step, the main topmast, and the flagpole. The masts have crosstrees on each section. The ship's deck is individually planked and there are 22 guns. The ship is displayed with 14 unfurled sails and two lower mast sails rolled up. All sails are made from fine silk and show the stitch and reef lines. The yards are built with footropes. A long pennant in the white, blue, red Russian colors flies from the mainmast flagpole and a smaller Russian ensign in white with the blue "X" flies from the mizzenmast. The ship has authentic detailed standing and running rigging with block and tackle. The standing rigging is in black and the running rigging in gray/brown tone. There are shrouds with ratlines going to each section of each mast and each shroud has main chains. The masts and yards are correctly proportioned to the size of the hull and to each other. The ship rests on a cradle in the bottom of the bottle and the bottle sits on a plinth and is secured with period nails. The bottle used creates optical distortions which give the model a uniqueness. The bottle itself is the type Willem Barents used during the well-known navigation of the far northern territories.
Type: Sloop of War   Maker's Name: Babkin, Vladislav
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Tiksi, Russia
Bottle Size: 8 2/3" x 6"   Year Made:
Bottle Type: