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Bottle 578 - OLEG
Date Added: 24 October 2007

Vladislav Babkin has completed another museum quality work. This bottle is a model of the ïìåç a screw-type 57-gun frigate. It is a very interesting vessel. Except for the developed harness it had the machine (engine) and the screw which could be cleaned in the case during a sailing. It made it possible to make long ocean navigations without the charge of coal, and the engine could be utilized during a fight or to pursue the enemy. For a time it was a modern vessel with powerful guns and armament and a strong hull. This model contains many fine details on the deck and it is much more complex in manufacturing than some of his previous models. The ship's masthead is a figure of a two headed eagle. A lifeboat hands from the stern from davits. Materials for model included: the underwater part of the case is made of copper, the screw from a brass, guns are turned from a steel wire, a deck from a wood, boards from a cardboard, masts and yards from a bamboo, sails from parachute silk. The sizes of model height of 63 mm, the general length of 105 mm, width of hull without anchors of 20 mm. The sizes of a bottle: length of 225 mm, width of 100 mm, thickness of a neck of 22 mm.
Type: 1860 Screw-type 57-gun frigate   Maker's Name: Babkin, Vladislav
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Tiksi, Russia
Bottle Size: 225 mm x 100 mm   Year Made: 2007
Bottle Type: Vodka Bottle