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Bottle 753 - Butterflies in a Tree
Date Added: 15 October 2009

This bottle is a one gallon water bottle, including the stopper it stands 15 inches. Inside is a Walnut stand and stopper. There are 16 butterflies perched on 4 levels of 4 perches. The butterflies are illustrated in the book, Peterson First Guide to Butterflies and Moths. Yellow thread is woven between levels with 4 black threaded beads attached on the thread between the levels. On the vertical post the name of the maker, place time of origin are written on light colored, thin wooden strips: Steve Moseley, St. L
Type: Butterfly Tree Whimsey   Maker's Name: Moseley, Steve
Category: Figures   Made Where: St. Louis, MO
Bottle Size: 15"   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: One Gallon