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Bottle 714 - Birds in a Tree
Date Added: 15 October 2009

The bird tree whimsey is in a 13 inch one gallon bar bottle. The bottle is tinted an aqua color. There are 16 birds of the eastern United States perched on Walnut supports. The supports also has yellow thread criss-crossing between them with a black bead between each two supports. The first column of birds has a Indigo Bunning, Robin, Black-Headed Grossbeak and a Goldfinch. The second column of birds has a Tuffed Titmouse, Blue Jay, House Sparrow and a Bohemian Waxwing.
The third column of birds has a Painted Bunning, Blackcapped Chickadee, Cardinal, and a Slate-colored Junco. The fourth column of birds has a Mocking Bird, Scarlet Tanager, Redwinged Blackbird and an Eastern Bluebird. On the central shaft are glued two rectangular pieces of Basswood, onto which are written Steve Moseley and St. Louis 2009.
Type: Bird Tree Whimsey   Maker's Name: Moseley, Steve
Category: Figures   Made Where: St. Louis, MO
Bottle Size: 13"   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: One Gallon