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Bottle 657 - Modern Tool Design
Date Added: 18 December 2008

The tool bottle depicted is somewhat different the most tool bottles, it contains modern tools. It was built to contrast with its mate bottle, that contains older tools (found under Bottle ID 656). The saw horse still sits on a hardwood floor, on whose supports is written the makers name Steve Moseley St. Louis 2008. In the floor however is an electrical outlet, into which is plugged an orange extension cord for the red and black drill. There is also a yellow and black chain saw embedded in the log. Next to the saw horse is a gas can. The whimsey is topped with a turned walnut corked stopper.
Type: Modern tools in a bottle   Maker's Name: Moseley, Steve
Category: Tool   Made Where: St. Louis, MO
Bottle Size: 10" with stopper   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: 750 ml Knob Creek bottle