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Bottle 655 - 15th Century Carrack
Date Added: 10 October 2008

From the artist, Vladislav Babkin: "I have made preparations of separate parts of the case of multilayered plywood, have typed from rods a deck, have pasted from a cardboard a board. Then I has pasted over a board with rods which simulate carvel-planked, has pasted bends, has made to a quarter and gallery, and superstructures on a deck. From metal I have turned a gun tube on the machine tool, then I have made a gun carriage of a tree and from a metal wire have soldered a rowlock for this gun. After assembly very lovely gun which I has turned out planned to place on mizzen top. I have made four more small guns for their accommodation on boards of a vessel). I have continued work above the hull and cut out figure head. The awful dog - a dragon as turned out. I as have made forecastle and after superstructure, stem and keel. I has strengthened on forecastle a bowsprit and figure head. On this image are visible as metal nails with which strengthened bends. For this model I have made them more than 300. I separately turned each nail on the machine tool. Then I have made boards which are strengthened on boards. I made the planks from wood and leather. I cut off very thin layer of a brown leather a sharp edge then burnt out on it figure and after pasted on a wooden basis. The masts were turned on the machine tool from a tree a pear of dark tone. The turn Now has come to undertake sails. I have adhered the ready painted sail to yard and have strengthened on it all necessary blocks and strings. Further I have made the small boat. It as consists of a plenty of separate details. All the strings on this model have been braided on the special adaptation as it is done for models of larger scales. In total it has been made more than 15 types of strings of various thickness and the invoice. During work the decision to replace already made mainsail on another longer and two-piece was accepted. That the model was beautifully looked inside of a bottle I has made of a tree a cherry a support with an inscription on the tablet from a copper alloy. Has come it is time to place a ready vessel in a bottle. After more than six months of work the new ship in a bottle was born. It is necessary to make for a bottle a stylish support of an oak and a fuse with a chain."
Type: 15th Century Carrack   Maker's Name: Babkin, Vladislav
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Moscow Region, Russia
Bottle Size: 3 liter   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Unidentified