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Bottle 643 - Boctok (East)
Date Added: 06 March 2009

This is a museum specimen and wonderful competition model of the "East" a 28-gun Russian Sloop. The "East" was launched in 4/7/1818. This ship is well-known for taking part in an research expedition in Antarctica in 1819. The crew of this vessel made numerous trips opening islands in a tropical part of Pacific ocean. Having made a circumnavigation the vessel in 1821 returned to native port. This whole hull model is built to exacting details to the actual ship. The hull has an actual copper bottom and the remaining area is black with individual white planking between the gun ports. The inside of the bulwarks are painted green. The ship's deck is individually planked and includes the same features you would find on the actual ship. The ship's deck includes the gratings, hatches, deck skylight, spare yards and topmasts, capstan, rudder, catheads, ladders, fife rails, binnacle, and wheel. There are also the details of the ringbolts, hinges, hoops, bolts, anchor, and assorted metal fastenings. A detailed lifeboat is mounted mid-ship and another lifeboat hangs from davits from the stern of the ship. The "East" has 3 masts; the foremast, the mainmast, and the mizzenmast. The masts are all made from bamboo and are built in 3 sections and the masts have crosstrees on each section consisting of jib-booms of two trees: directly jib-boom and flying jib boom. The ship is displayed with 13 sails made from fine silk with the stitch and reef lines showing. The main sails on the three masts are not flying which allows ample viewing of the deck and deck features. The yards are built with footropes for the sailors to stand on while bending and unbending the sail. The bowsprit is built in two sections and has a dolphin striker. The bowsprit has gammoning as was on the real ship. The model has a fore figure in the form of a two-headed eagle. The "X" ensign, a white flag with a thin blue cross, flies from the stern area of the ship and a long banner 3 with the ensign flies from atop the mainmast. There are a total of 28 guns made from copper. 12 of the guns are shown on the mid and bow sections of the ship. An additional 14 guns are on a lower deck in the mid to bow section of the ship. On this lower section, there are 8 windows shown with panes and build to resemble additional gun ports to fool and enemy ship in to believing that the "East" is more heavily fortified. The trunks are not simply cut from a copper wire, rather they and ground from both sides and each gun carriages consist of two details. The ship has a stern galley with wonderful detail brought out in the striking gold with window frames and pane sections painted white. A decorative golden eagle is above the galley. The quarter galleys are green with white window frames and panes. The ship has authentic detailed standing and running rigging. A special feature of this model consists in that that all strings have been made by Vladislav independently. He twisted them by means of the special adaptation and at close examination they are more similar to ship ropes than usual sewing a thread. The standing rigging is in black and the running rigging in gray/brown tone. There are shrouds with ratlines going to each section of each mast and each shroud has main chains. The chain wales are cutting; that is every one of the channels consists of two, as a result there are not three per side but six, for a total of twelve as would be found on the actual ship. The masts and yards are correctly proportioned to the size of the hull and to each other. The ship rests in a cradle in the bottom of the bottle. The bottle rests on two cradles mounted to a polished plinth board. The bottle is sealed with a cork and decorative rope around the neck.
Type: Sloop   Maker's Name: Babkin, Vladislav
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Moscow Region, Russia
Bottle Size: 225 mm x 100 mm   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Vodka Bottle