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Bottle 604 - When Life Hands You an Apple
Date Added: 22 May 2008

Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden. Eve has just baked an apple pie and is showing it to Adam, who has his plate and fork ready. In Adam's other hand is the proverbial Apple with a bite taken. For modesty and historical accuracy's sake both Adam and Eve are wearing Fig leafs, although Adam's is somewhat larger. The blue eyed coral snake is hanging from the Apple tree with a cook book in his mouth. There are numerous apples on the ground and two still hanging from the apple tree stopper. On top of the stove there are two pots with apples in them as well. On the side of the stove is a calendar. The year on the calendar is 4004 B.C. and the month is October. There are no days until the 23rd and the days from the 23rd to the 30th are X'ed out in red ink. All around the scene there are alternating red Tulips and yellow Daisies. The stopper is inlaid with the title of the bottle, When Life Hands You An Apple. The top of the stopper has a cutting board with a knife and an apple being cut up on it
Type: Garden of Eden Scene   Maker's Name: Moseley, Steve
Category: Figures   Made Where: St. Louis, MO
Bottle Size: 11" x 5 1/4"   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Knob Creek Bourbon