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Bottle 595 - Goto Predestinatsiya
Date Added: 20 February 2008

Description: "Goto Predestinatsiya" ("The Divine Prediction") there was one of the most beautiful ships of Russian fleet. This 58-gun ship has been launched in 1700. Its sizes were 36õ9,4õ2,9 m. It was under construction under direction of Russian tsar Peter I. It is the first Russian ship which has been constructed without the help of foreign masters. This ship differed rich furnish by graceful carved wooden ornaments and good seaworthy qualities. This ship in bottle is a competition model with exquisite details and features found on the actual ship. The sizes of model: length of the hull of 75 mm, hull width 18 mm, full height of 70 mm, height with a flag of 80 mm. It has a bowsprit mast, with spritsail topmast, foremast, main mast, and a mizzen mast with a lateen sail. The masts are all made from bamboo and are built in sections - the mast which is secured to the mast step, the topmast, and the flagpole. The masts have crosstrees and the mast fly the white, red, and blue Russian pennant, the Tsars ensign,. The ship has a spar deck, forecastle, main hatch, and a gun deck with details. There are 58 guns extending from gun ports. The ship is displayed with 7 sails. All sails are made from fine silk and show the stitch and reef lines. The ship has a stern gallery with wonderful details delicately carved to actual ship's features. The ship has authentic detailed standing and running rigging with block and tackle used in the rigging. The standing rigging is in black and the running rigging in gray/brown tone. All strings of a rigging have been twisted by the author on the special adaptation. Thickness of all strings is proportional to thickness of ropes of the real ship. The most thin strings in 4 times are more thin than usual thin sewing strings. There are shrouds with ratlines going to each section of each mast and each shroud has main chains. The masts and yards are correctly proportioned to the size of the hull and to each other. The ship's deck is individually planked and includes the same features you would find on the actual ship. The ship is mounted on a small platform secured to the bottom of the bottle. This platform is made of the African tree âåíãå (wenge).
Type: Man of War   Maker's Name: Babkin, Vladislav
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Moscow Region, Russia
Bottle Size: 9 1/3" x 4" x 1 3/4"   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: 0,5 ltr Vodka bottle