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Bottle 1225 - Training Ship Esmeralda in a Bottle
Date Added: 01 February 2016

Vladislav Babkin's new model "Esmeralda" is a training ship of the naval forces of Chile. He made this model over a two year period with some interruptions. The many details of this model are made from various materials including plastic but there are a lot of brass parts that he custom machined on a lathe. The deck is made of pear wood, masts and yards from bamboo. In the 1970s Esmeralda's rigging was changed to a four-masted barquentine by replacing the fore gaffsail (course sail) by two main staysails. The third (top) main staysail is still in place. She has now five staysails, three topsails, six jibbs, three course gaff sails, four square sails, 21 all in all. The model was assembled in a 10 liter bottle. The dimensions of bottle: length from neck 44 cm, diameter 23 cm. Length of ship is 29 cm and the scale is 1:350.
Type: Four-masted Barquentine in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Babkin, Vladislav
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Moscow Region, Russia
Bottle Size: 44 cm x 23 cm   Year Made: 2016
Bottle Type: 10 liter