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IMG 3654Jacob J. Steur is a remarkably skilled folk art in bottles Artist who, like so many other great artists, we have no information about to date outside what is contained in his wonderful bottles. From his bottles we know he lived in the mid 1800’s and into the early 1900’s. His earliest bottle is dated 1869 and his last bottle known is dated 1902. At one point he likely lived in Albany, New York since the name of this city was written inside one of his signed bottles from 1877.


Although only five of his bottles are currently known to exist, his remarkable skill as a carver and craftsman would make it seem likely that he made many other fine bottles and hopefully they will still be discovered. In addition to the amazing scenes and depictions inside the bottle, his detailed carved wooden stoppers and intricate crosspieces are outstanding and very unique. He used crosspieves with his stoppers making it impossible to open the bottle. In his two known Crucifixion scenes he has carved padlocks on each end of the crosspiece going through the stopper inside the bottle. He also raised the floors on his bottles with carved "feet" placed under the platform.


It is hoped in time we can learn more of this great Artist and we welcome any information or insight you may be able to provide.


Bottles by Jacob Steur


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