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6-23-2012 10-21-20 AM.jpgLarry Liddle lives in Washington State. He is a retired research and development machinist from Boeing and General Dynamics. He has worked on projects such as the first mechanical heart valve, the Seacliff and the Turtle, the Cruise missile project, as well as several aircraft projects for Boeing.

6-23-2012 10-24-41 AM.jpgIn addition to building folk art and ships in bottles, he also creates pieces of jewelry, jewelry boxes, stringed musical instruments, picture frames, shelving, display cases, and more.

Larry is a self-taught artist who makes his own unique tools for crafting his scenes in bottles.  His scenes for his bottles contain hand-carved and hand-painted items that are one-of-a-kind and usually require over 100 hours of project time for each bottle. For each bottle, Larry makes wonderful custom stands that depict the scenes inside the bottles.  Larry is an avid student of history, particularly American history, and many of his bottles have depicted historical ships and events from history.


Bottles by Larry Liddle


Bottles by Larry Liddle


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