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Roscoe C. Axton was a builder of chairs in bottles. He was born in 1885 and during the period he was building his bottles he lived Elk city, Oklahoma.  Roscoe Axton made bottles to sell to the tourist trade in Elk City during the 1940’s and 50’s.  He died in a VA Hospital in1957 in Amarillo, Texas.


He bottles are very recognizable from the very unique style he used for making the legs and seats of his chairs.  Each of the legs of his chairs has a “stepped” design with the wood tapering between each section.  The seats were loosely woven with colored string.  His bottles had trick stoppers with a long curved crosspiece going through a wooden shaft making it impossible to remove the stopper.  His bottles almost always had a small piece of paper inside identifying the bottle as being a souvenir of Elk city, Oklahoma. There is one bottle with his name and full address listed as “500 West 8th Street, Elk City, Oklahoma; and another one with "Porter House Cafe On Hi-Way 66, Elk City, Okla."  His known bottles are built in Karo syrup bottles with an embossed “Duraglas” on the side of the bottle.


Bottles by Roscoe Axton


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