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My name is Igor Brekhuntsov.  I was born August 01, 1967 in the small town of Kirovsk is located in the center of the Kola Peninsula in northern-west Russia.  Like many boys in my child I was dreaming of the sea, sky and mountains. My town is surrounded by mountains, so from childhood I am skiing.  In 1986, the first time I flew on a hang glider, and since 1996 I am flying a paraglider. And, of course, from early childhood I was fond of building different models. I was making model airplanes, ships, tanks made of paper, plastic, wood.

I have built my first ships in a bottle in 2002-2003. I have only one picture of these first SIBs. In January 2015, I again began to build ships in bottles. Now I'd like to build miniature SIBs. I started with the model yacht, built during 2 weeks. My last completed project - the traditional boat of the Mediterranean Sea.

Building the Koch - a Russian Polar Ship - by Igor Brekhuntsov


Bottles by Igor Brekhuntsov


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