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Making Blocks for Tackling

- by Henny Fransen

Very small blocks for SIB’s Making blocks for tackling a SIB is not a very difficult job.  Take the blade of a fretsaw or a needle and two lengths of wire. Make the knot (double flat) around the smooth part of the blade/needle. (afb. 1)  Pull the ends tight.  Put some power glue on the knot (all the way around), but be careful! To get a smooth blade, make sure that the glue doesn’t hit the saw blade.  Allow it to dry and when dry cut the loose ends. It’s quite easy to remove the knot from the blade because the glue doesn’t stick to the metal.  Fit the block on a hanger and stick the moving part of the tackle through the block (afb. 2). If you leave one part of the loose ends, you can fit the block to a yard or mast.  After bottling the ship and securing the wires to keep the mast in their position, tune the tackling and secure the wires. If you like put some white glue on the block and allow time to dry. After drying, paint the block.



– by Henny Fransen (tips by Peter Geerlings)