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In Sandwich

- by Fernando Beretta

This system is used to insert objects very high. We illustrate with photos of the construction of a ship. The first thing is that the strips are transferred from the hole. The first 4 strips are placed side by side without being glued. Above the first layer of 4 strips you paste a wrapping paper, and this paper is pasted over other 4 strips in staggered over the first and still in the longitudinal mode. continue like this for 6 layers (this is where does the name "Sandwich") here are the first 3 photos.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg


I continue with the series of step-by-step photos. The strips are glued to each other only through the wrapping paper, so that we can undo it all only slightly wetting the paper with a brush.

4.jpg 5.jpg


For example, take 16 strips 10 cm long and half a centimeter tall. She gets only a 4 and you put them side by side without putting the cola and the other between a board and keep them well together. Over 4 strips you put on with a brush PVA glue (just above). Take a piece of wrapping paper (you know what brown) and paste it above him. Now on the upper part of the paper is dry, we brushed vinavil other and we put 4 more strips in the same direction but COMMENCING half board (see photo # 3 that I made). Now this puts us above other PVA glue and you put other wrapping paper. Repeat this for all the boards staggered. compared to the previous row. Eventually you will have the famous "Sandwich". Keep him under pressure for a night. (See photo 4). You'll see that when this block of wood, dry layers of 4 you can work as you want. Become a piece of steel. The shapes as you want (see the photos while you are at the circular saw). The polish to the desired shape.

6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg


Now, if you want to undo, just brush them with a walk around a water layer, and doing a little lever you'll see that with a cutter discarded by state. Note that before disposing of them do 2mm holes. from top to bottom vertically. These holes will be used to then create the various "pins made with a toothpick thus creating the male-female" can fit in properly reassemble. Keep in mind that each board has to go just right of the hole of the bottle. In this way, it discards the block and then reassembled inside. But you'll see the photos below ..

9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg


As you can see from the pictures above, once made the sandwiches are made from top to bottom holes of 2mm. two for each board. Now it is time to discard any wet strip appears in the paper with a brush and prying with a knife. Place them neatly from the top. In these holes you paste a small piece of toothpick that will be the "male" to the corresponding hole in the bottom list, which will logically be "female." With this system you can reassemble everything piece piece in an orderly and perfect

12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg