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Building Log

Completed stand for my SIB of HMS Bounty. My HMS Bounty model will rest sunken and broken on the ocean bottom off Cape Hatteras, N.C.  I got the idea from the Crypt of John Paul Jones in Annapolis, Maryland.


Current hull build for HMS Bounty SIB. the masts are from on old plastic ship model that I had on hand. 3 inches long by 3/4 inches wide and masts and remaining yards will be broken so as to fit into stand. Deck was scribed using tool I built for this purpose.  The helm is a plastice part left over from a plastice Charles W. Morgan model kit.

 3.jpg 2.jpg

Added the bowsprit and some additional details to the HMS Bounty main deck areas. Now going to do some painting next and then add some additional details under the bowsprit area.


Looks like the hull was painted Black at the time of her sinking. Mmy SIB model will be sunk on the sea floor, so I'll paint my hull black.


Started painting on my Bounty last night. Colored paint really adds so much to a piece of wood shaped like a small ship. :)


Added bow figurehead and bowsprit lines. Yellow hull trim is yellow tread gluded on using white glue (will dry clear).


Working on masts, finished hull windows port, starboard, & stern, and other deck details.


HMS Bounty with broken masts. A few yards to attach and not very much rigging and the Bounty will be ready for bottling. I was thinking about a few torn sails might look good?


Masts and yards completed. Now to add some torn sails!


Worked on getting the bottle ready for my sunken HMS Bounty SIB model.
Have a liitle more inside sea work to do and should get the Bounty sunk in a day or two!


In Memory of the HMS Bounty and her lost crewmembers


by: Danske Dandridge (1854-1914)

H, many a time I have wept by night,
I have moaned with the moaning sea,
When the dear lost eyes of my dead delight
Looked out of her depths on me.

And many a time when the sea was calm,
And the moon was lying there,
I have caught the gleam of a snowy arm,
And the glimmer of flowing hair.

But I would I had died when the ship went down
That was bringing my love to me,
When my hope, and my heart, and my all went down
To the heart of the heaving sea.

How she moans all night for the cruel deed;
She moans, for she cannot rest;
And she cradles my bride with the brown sea-weed
In the swell of her troubled breast.

How she sucks my life with her sobbing breath,
How she draws me with her spell,
Till I know that at last I shall sink in death
Where the coiled sea-serpents dwell.

Then my spirit will haste to her resting-place,
As she lies on the wreck-strewn floor;
I will shelter my love in a close embrace
Till the sea shall be no more.