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I am posting my newly constructed ship in bottle of the HMS bounty in dedication for the lost vessel taken out by Hurricane Sandy, a vessel that historically worked harder and traveled to more ports than the original.

The HMS bounty log is a great idea and I actually had no Idea that a Bounty build off was taking place until now. I started my ship on demand on December 24th, 2012 and finished it just after Christmas. 

The Ship was constructed in my open Garage during the Holidays, I had deliberately set up a G scale train on the Lawn running around a real Snow man that I had secured the Snow from our Local Ice skate rink….The Z scale train in bottle also was set up and operated for passing neighbors to see, it was a  big front yard party and friends randomly turned up…Christmas music playing in the background…..My work shop in the Garage was also open and I worked on the bottled bounty project… a few other ship in bottles were on display to see Santa’s workshop!

This is pretty much my Log experience of the bottling of the Bounty…

The Bottle is about one gallon type Chemical laboratory glass….The Ship was not a perfect build as it was miscalculated as an annoyingly tight fit to pass the neck…I therefore bent one of the wooden spars and had to make internal repairs….

I consider this a high quality warm up to eventual perfection of the next vessel!

picture1938_72.jpg picture1939_73.jpg