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The  “Friesland” a Steam Pail Dredger from 1936

 - by Frans Dekker

One of the “ships” on my list of “want to make some day” was a “steam pail dredger” from 1936. I was very lucky to find in a model construction book some pictures and a drawing from the Friesland. On the pictures there where many details to see and de drawing was very good. I have made the model half as big as the drawing.

The hull was made in two parts from lindewood. At both ends are placed stud pole’s to fixed the ship when it was not in use. At the stern there is a winch house and the deckhouse where the steam engine is placed in. One of the most difficult parts of this model is the  gear-box to make the pails go round. It was made in a starboard and port side.  Deckhouse  and shelter and other details are made. On both sides there are Landfill  gutters. I have made one in working outfit and one standing upwards.

The most difficult part was the pail dredger. The pails are made from Brass tube 5 mm.  A part with very much details is the crane on the stem. It was the part that made the dredger go down- and upwards.  It was welded on the dredger .

It takes one full day to place the model in to the bottle. 

Bottle sizes:

Length:                 500 mm                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Diameter:            145 mm

Bottleneck :        29 mm

Model sizes:

Length:                 178 mm

Height:                 85 mm

Width:                  58 mm