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bom1.jpg"This time I have built what we (in Holland) have given the name “bomschuit”.  The name is a derivative of bottoms ship. These ships did not have a port. When the want to go to shore they landed  on the beach. Therefore they had a very solidly bottom. These ships had one or two masts. Their size was:  length is twice de wideness. Their shape is not very beautiful but it is a very robust sailing ship.

I cut the hull (a peace of x wood, I do not know the name of the wood),  in two parts and hold them together whit two wooden pins. Then I made the keel, stern and stem and put the boarding of small and thin wooden parts on the hull whit glue. The deck is made of a small part of self-made triplex. The details on the deck are made from the same triplex. The masts are made of 2 mm Beechwood. 

Beemster-20150323-01016.jpg  Beemster-20150324-01021.jpg  Beemster-20150405-01030.jpg


Beemster-20150323-01018.jpg Beemster-20150405-01031.jpg

One of the mayor difficulties was how to get the ropes tied. The solution was to make blocks of palm wood as I had did before by other SIB’s. On de site of one of our  museums in Katwijk where they have some models of bomschuiten, I saw a lot of details on deck. I have made the same details on the SIB, floats (I think we call them gurnard) ankers, 2 oar’s (not to get the ship in see but to hold him in the right position when they landed on the beach) pump etc. etc.

Beemster-20150405-01037.jpg Beemster-20150420-01079.jpg Beemster-20150501-01101.jpg IMG_1579.JPG

IMG_1584.JPG IMG_1590.JPG IMG_1593.JPG


The SIB is compound in different parts when I put it in to the bottle. So there are: the hull in two parts, bowsprit, masts, pump (2) mast support on the stem, chimney on the front part of the deck, capstan, bilge keel whit deck beam and anchor (2)

IMG_1625.JPG IMG_1628.JPG IMG_1632.JPG


Then the last “project”, to make a socket. I have mad, whit my lathe, a sort of plate and put 6 foots under the plate.



As always it was not an easy job to put it all in the right places and to get all the ropes tided up but I am satisfied whit the result " Frans Dekker

bottle/glass:                       round  160 mm

bottleneck:                         30 mm

sizes bomschuit:               length: 140 mm,  width: 44 mm