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Build the Inspiration

The following are pictures and details on how Steve Moseley built his model named "Inspiration." 
From Steve Moseley:  "Here are pictures and accompaning explanations on how my model of the 'Inspiration' was made.
Picture #1   The floor supports are cut and carved to fit the curvature of the bottle.  They are then glued to the bottom of the bottle with epoxy.
Picture #2    The wooden floor is made by gluing strips of pre-cut micro scale lumber to a wooden support with wood glue mixed with brown paint. 
The figures are carved and shoes made.  The figures are carved from Bass wood and Apoxie Sculpt clay is added where necessary. The legs are pegged to go through the shoes and into the floor.  Both the pegs and the shoes will be epoxied to the floor.  The figures have holes drill to accept the arms.
599 (1).JPG
Picture #3    Here are the flower, easel, brush and arms.  The arms that won't fit through the neck in one piece are pegged so that they can be assembled in the bottle. 
599 (2).JPG
Picture #4    Here are the shoes and slippers glued to the floor.
599 (3).JPG
Picture #5  Here is the artist and his model are glued to the floor on the pegs in their shoes.  The easel is partially assembled with the feet of the easel resting in pre-made holes in the floor.
599 (4).JPG
Picture #6   The Artist's arms are glued together with epoxy and the joint is then glued to conceal it.  The glued joint is then painted. 
599 (5).jpg
Picture #7    Here the inside of the bottle is finished.The stopper is shown partially  assembled.  One arm of the trick stopper is glued in place and the other is hanging by a thread.  The topper has a bamboo skewer running through it with a piece of wood on the end.  The wooden piece is made to fit tightly and glued inside the shaft of the stopper.  The shaft is then held by the skewer while the shaft is epoxied to the topper.  The skewer is then cut and a flower will cover the hole. 
599 (6).JPG
Picture #8  Here is the top of the stopper with the flower attached.  The petals were made from Apoxie Sculpt and painted and glued to the top.  Then the stopper was varnished. 
599 (9).JPG
Picture #9  Here is the finished Whimsy.  
599 (7).JPG