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Champ2008.jpgVladslav Babkin Wins Big at the 2008 Russian World Cup Ship modeling Championships

Vladislav Babkin took the gold, silver and bronze medals at the 2008 Russian Ship Modeling 595d.jpgChampionship competition. The World Cup competition took place at the Cultural Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The pictures are of Vladislav with his award winning ship model and his gold, silver and bronze medals,  The picture is the GOTO-PREDESTINATSIYA, the winner of the Gold medal! 


The following is a portion of the judge's scorecards for the ship in bottle category.



Pictures of the Gold Medal Winner, GOTO-PREDESTINATSIYA:

595b.jpg 494c.jpg 595d.jpg

PLAN01.jpg PLAN05.jpg PR1.jpg

Pictures of the Silver Medal winner: Oleg

642d.jpg 642b.jpg 642c.jpg 642a.jpg

Pictures of the St. Nikolay (St. Nickolas), the Bronze Award Winner

494b.jpg SN1.jpg 494a.jpg 


Bottle ID 642 - Oleg

Bottle ID 494 - St. Nikolay (St. Nickolas)