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Bottle 618 - Sulky Driver
Date Added: 21 June 2008

This is a very well made model showing a driver, sulky and horse built in a bottle. The sulky is has large white wheels with black tires. The frame and suspension is yellow. The drive is in his riding garment with white trousers and a brown and white top. He is wearing a helmet and is holding the reins in hands. The horse is painted brown and is shown with bridle and harness. It has a small white blanket with the number "2" painted on it. The bottle is sealed with a stopper with a carved head of a sulky driver wearing a white helmet with a small black brim and black ear covers and strap.
Type: Trotter Horse and Sulky Driver   Maker's Name: Lynch, Andrew
Category: Figures   Made Where: Cape Coral, Florida
Bottle Size:   Year Made: 1990's
Bottle Type: Jack Daniels  

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