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Bottle 615 - Outhouse
Date Added: 27 May 2008

This is a humorous scene of a man sitting in a one-hole outhouse. The outhouse is built from several planks of natural wood. It has a hinged door and two small screened windows, one near to top and one in the side down low. The door is open revealing a nicely carved and painted man sitting in the outhouse with his pant pulled down to his ankles. Outside the outhouse are two chickens. The bottle is sealed with a wooden shaft with a nail through the shaft making it impossible to remove the stopper. The shaft has a carved and brightly painted corncob on the end. The artist provided the following account: "I built one of the smaller outhouses in a light green wine jug. The door was hinged so that it might swing open to show the interior. I carved a farmer (in seven pieces) and tried unsuccessfully to place him into the outhouse, he kept sliding off of the seat. I took him out and drilled a hole in his bottom and installed a pin { toothpick tip) into the hole to prevent him from sliding off the seat. It worked great, and now, when you turn the bottle up side down and look up into the outhouse, you see the farmer is anatomically correct."
Type: Outhouse Scene   Maker's Name: Lynch, Andrew
Category: Structure   Made Where: Cape Coral, Florida
Bottle Size: Unidentified   Year Made: 1990's
Bottle Type: One-handled Jug  

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