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Bottle 614 - Conestoga Wagon
Date Added: 22 May 2008

This is a bottle containing the Conestoga wagon. This is patterned from a picture of the original wagon and the color, suspension and dimensions are from original drawings. The wagon was a heavy, broad-wheeled covered freight carrier used extensively during the United States Westward Expansion in the late 1700s and 1800s. It was large enough to transport loads up to 8 short tons (7 metric tons), and was drawn by 4 to 8 mules or 4 to 9 oxen. In colonial times the Conestoga wagon was popular for migration southward through the Great Appalachian Valley along the Great Wagon Road. After the American Revolution it was used to open up commerce to Pittsburgh and Ohio. In 1820 rates charged were roughly one dollar per 100 pounds per 100 miles, with speeds about 15 miles (25 km) per day. The Conestoga, often in long wagon trains, was the primary overland freight vehicle over the Appalachians until the development of the railroad. Subsequently it played a role in Western settlement, especially on the Santa Fe Trail, where ox and mule teams could pull its vast cargo with fewer water stops. The Conestoga wagon is a significant historical item that was used extensively during the United States’ westward expansion in the late 1700s and 1800s. If it had not been for the Studebaker and Conestoga wagons, the Westward Expansion would have been greatly slowed for lack of transportation. The Conestoga wagon was cleverly built. Its floor curved upward to prevent the contents from tipping and shifting. Also for protection against bad weather, stretched across the wagon was a tough, white canvas cover. It was 16.5 feet in length and 4.5 feet in width. The frame and suspension were made of wood, while the wheels were often iron plated for greater durability. This bottle is sealed with a wonderful carving of an early settler with a hat.
Type: Early Settler Freight Wagon   Maker's Name: Lynch, Andrew
Category: Figures   Made Where: Cape Coral, Florida
Bottle Size:   Year Made: 1990's
Bottle Type: Jack Daniel  

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