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schormann.jpgBorn in 1960 on the west border of the Black Forrest, I started to learn sailing in the age of 13. The dream to go to sea was born. So I went to sea after school in the year 1979. While I learned and worked at first as an able bodied seaman, later as a motorman I got the qualification as a second engineer. In these days, I married the first time and became a father of four kids.

After more than fifteen years on sea I had to stay ashore because of health problems after an accident on board ship. Since then, I´m working as an technican in the industry, got divorced , married a second time and became father of a daughter. Building ships in bottles is a kind off sentimental reminding the very best years of my life on sea. So I do most of my spare-time, some times I can sell one or the other, very good for the household cashbox.   

Several time a year I can show my workouts in public, for example twice a year on an artist exibition, and while every so called ´open market Sundays´. Especially young people are allways very intersted and some of them I could give the the idea building SIB is a good thing.
Marcus Schormann 

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Bottles by Marcus Schormann


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