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Ted Munro was born in 1954 and he lives in the Vancouver area in Canada. He began making bottles in the 1980's and after a few years he stopped for about 20 years.  He restarted building again in 2010.  He is a carpenter by trade but works mostly in steel framing today.  

Most of the bottles he makes today only take one day to finish. He likes to do different themes and all with a bit of humor. The materials he commonly uses are: wood, eyelets, sequins, plastic from paperclips, various paper products, paints, and dissected “googly” eyes.  Googly eyes have a clear plastic bubble with a tiny  disc inside and are found on dolls and funny cards. When you shake the doll the disc bobbles around in the clear bubble - thus googly eyes. They are usually black but sometimes in different colors. Ted cuts the clear bubble and take out the disc. Some of his characters  have eyes made with a sequins with a googly eye disc in the center.

Ted has made over three hundred bottles and the only tool he has ever used is a piece of wire with a stick for a handle.


Bottles by Ted Munro


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