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12983302 1375967789096239 2403503365964023821 oMy name is Heather Gabrielle Rogers. My family and childhood friends call me Heather, but most who I have met in the last six years, especially those related to the boating world, call me Gabrielle. 


hgr2.jpgI’m a 25 year old, small town girl from Mathews, VA and have grown up on the Chesapeake Bay. I like to call myself a well-rounded artist and have tried a little of every craft that has come my way. During my college summers and a short time after, I worked as a sign painter and boat letterer, for a man called Kaptain Krunch in Deltaville, where I had my first introduction to boats and the boating world. I quickly developed a huge interest in sailboats and when the chance arrived, moved onto a 40’ steel boat called “Wabi” with my best friend and companion, Stefan Auer. 


We’ve taken multiple cruises on our boat and during a return trip from the Bahamas, I observed a demonstration on putting ships in bottles at the Beaufort Maritime Museum in North Carolina. I needed a new craft small enough to fit on a boat and this was it! 

hgr1.jpgAfter reading Don Hubbard’s book and getting a few carving demonstrations from Stefan, I was well on my way to making one ship after another in my free time. I have even completed multiple ships in bottles, in my down time, 


while on our last cruise of the Chesapeake Bay.


Currently, I am in Switzerland, where Stefan who is a boat builder, is involved in the restoration of a 70-year-old sailboat. I will be keeping busy building more ships in bottles. To this date I have completed around 20 with two in the making and plans to make many more. Stefan, looking to downscale his trade, has even tried his hand at this unique craft, completing three. 


As a result of my interest, I have developed a website where people can view my models, purchase, or make special requests. Being one of the few women involved in the trade and not retired or a gray bearded old salt, I hope that I can aid in keeping this unique and traditional nautical artwork alive, where it can be shared with any and all people for generations to come.



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Bottles by Heather Rogers


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