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2018 03 29 12 51 08Car inside bottles3Alpesh Babubhai Kansara was born December 26, 1982 in Dwarka, Gujrat, India.


He has built over 45 art models in a bottle. Among the many materials he uses for his bottles are match sticks, printed paper, wax paper, and more. He has made many bottles of various famous buildings from around the world in a bottle, including the Taj- Mahal, Eiffel Tower, and the Big-Ben Tower. He has also built a working clock, working car, a Church, an Indian King Pelas, to name just a few.


He strives to take his bottle art craft to the highest level possible. He also wants to see his work displayed around the world. His inspiration comes from reading and productive activities. He was a member Alpesh Kansaraand inspired by the former Ship in Bottle Association of America "SIBAA" and its members. He is a holder of 22 National Records related to the art.


He has a great deal of interest in developing his art from the western things. While making his models he uses these in his bottles.


His art is not just for shows or display models but it is also a testimony to his own inner peace and faith. He wants to develop his art through more work and labor in hopes that today’s youth can take inspiration from his bottle art.


 Kansara, Alpesh



The following are excerpts from an article about Alpesh published in “The Bottle Shipwright,” the former publication of the Ship in Bottles Association of America.


“Every bottle was inspiring because bottle art is really a tough art and requires very hard work to learn. My patience, concentration, enthusiasm and labor have been tested very much in bottle Art and my ability is increasing with experience.”


“I have long been lonely in the bottle-art field since I don't know any other builders in India, but now I am feeling very excited, and through press releases my work has been seen in several newspapers in my Gujarat State.”


“Bottle-art is little known in India, so the art is not appreciated here and is not developed. I am trying to take bottle-art to a world level, and I am trying to reach out to artists worldwide for their support. To promote the art here I have made many architectural models like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben Tower of London, Church of Paris, the Taj Mahal and historical buildings and temples of my country. I've also built ships and other items in bottles, and I am very eager to join with all of you who are engaged in this fascinating work.”




Articles Published in The Bottle Shipwright by Alpesh Kanshara


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The following are some Alpesh Kanshara's bottles. 
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