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Sailing Sloop in a Bottle

- by Frans Dekker


The following is a pictorial guide showing the steps Frans Dekker took in building his Sailing Sloop in a bottle. It is best viewed by clicking on the first picture and then moving your curser to the right middle side of each picture to reveal the ">"  (forward symbol).  Click on the > symbol to advance to the next picture in sequence. There are four pages.


This style Sloop was used until about 1975 by the Dutch navy. It has 2 masts and one sail. I made the sloop hull in two parts. The keel, bow and stern are made in two part and hold together with two little pins. The trusses are made in triplex and glued on the keel. The ship’s hull is made of wood 5 x 0,5 mm.


First, I made de sloop again in two parts. With a very small sawing blade I cut the trusses in two part and with very small a sanding roller I made the bends 1 mm thick. Into the board part I made the recess for the rudders. I made the row dresses with a little support under it. In Holland we call it a “soldier”. I did not know why. In the row dresses no 3 and 6 I made a ticker part in it to put the mast true. The sail of the fore mast did not have a boom for the sail is to wide. The mast have support by a single stag. All the parts are put together in the bottle.