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Okay everyone! What's your project for the Fantasy build??? I couldn't make up my mind so I'm planning on 2 projects...a SteamPunk inspired Airship and the "Ark" from When Worlds Collide.

- Chris Lemke

1383019_10200553478582898_1511360059_n.jpg 1263953_10200553487743127_173062838_o.jpg


Blueprints of the Space Ark


A lovely block of wood that needs to be round....

1424360_10200821337679208_1524293891_n.jpg 1395897_10200821344479378_1862166247_n.jpg

Taper to the engine end and
beginning the nose taper.

7705_10200821356679683_2110909741_n.jpg 581838_10200821364799886_315291998_n.jpg

The fuselage is completed next the wings and tail.... And the Main engine thrusters fitted into the tail recess.

Next time I build a classic 1950's spaceship I WILL remember there at these things called dowels... that are already ROUND!! and not start that a square block of wood!

1374868_10200840007465941_2143765789_n.jpg 1393662_10200840007785949_1509152333_n.jpg  374500_10200866770895010_211523187_n.jpg

 Wings, vertical stabilizer and tail fins cut.

1425673_10200866739534226_1330620896_n.jpg c

Wing and vertical stabilizer sanded to shape.

1476387_10200866743414323_878709791_n.jpg 1451596_10200866741174267_383736184_n.jpg  1468782_10200866744454349_67230450_n.jpg

Wings and vertical stabilizer are all set next the tail assembly. Tail assembly carved and shaped.

601616_10200866745534376_2038207796_n.jpg 1476567_10200866745974387_1999121095_n.jpg

Now to cut the slots into the fuselage for the wing assembly to slot into.


Whew! Lots of work completed today. Next the small wing engines and the 'blisters' on the vertical stabilizer & tail assembly tips.

1476888_10201051434631488_1182690082_n.jpg 1483762_10201051434391482_392602669_n.jpg 1484812_10201051434431483_536614419_n.jpg

1484918_10201051434351481_1048095598_n.jpg 1501915_10201051434471484_1478294892_n.jpg 1505874_10201051434711490_1105032535_o.jpg

1508434_10201051434511485_601027928_n.jpg 1527915_10201051434671489_1178797817_n.jpg