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Build the Slocum Spray

- by Charles Hand, Jr.

The following pictures, plans, and associated articles about building Joshua Slocum's "Spray" were submitted by the artist and writer, Charles A. Hand, Jr.  Charles start his model of this ship in a bottle on January 1, 1987 and completed it on July 11, 1987 after a 140 hours of work.  The articles are in two parts. (Only thumbnails are being shown - click on any image to see the larger picture)

spray 009.jpg spray 011.jpg spray 012.jpg spray 013.jpg spray 016.jpg

Article - Building Joshua Slocum's Spray by Charles A. Hand, Jr. - Part I
spray 017.jpgspray 018.jpg spray 019.jpg spray 020.jpg spray 021.jpg spray 023.jpg spray 025.jpg
Article Continued... Building Joshua Slocum's Spray by Charles A. Hand, Jr. - Part II
spray 026.jpg spray 027.jpg spray 028.jpg spray 029.jpg spray 030.jpg spray 031.jpg
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Pictures of Charles' ship during construction
spray 002.jpg spray 003.jpg spray 004.jpg spray 005.jpg spray 007.jpg spray 008.jpg



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