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Bottle 791 - World War II Vessel
Date Added: 03 March 2013

This is a very well made and highly detailed model of an unidentified French World War II ship sailing on a calm sea of blue. The ship has a blue/gray hull with portholes. The main deck floor is natural colored wood. The ship has railing on the bow and stern sections. A helicopter is displayed on the landing deck in the stern of the ship. There are multiple decks with port windows throughout. There are four main cannons with two guns on each. There are six smaller guns with two barrels, and two single barreled guns in the stern area. The ship has three smaller lifeboats with tow larger boats in the mid-ship area. Four red and white life buoys and displayed. There are two large smokestacks and two masts with the French flag and other signal flags flying. The bottle is sealed with a cork and the neck is painted in a deep burgundy color.
Type: World War II Vessel   Maker's Name:
Category: Military   Made Where: France
Bottle Size: 11 1/4" x 3"   Year Made: 1940 - 1950s
Bottle Type: Unidentified 750L