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Bottle 685 - New York Harbor
Date Added: 16 January 2010

This is a fascinating scene of New York harbor built is a large light bulb. The scene contains New York landmarks depicted in large cardboard cutouts, some from postcards. Among the identifiable landmarks are the Statue of Liberty, what appears to be the United Nations Building, and the Empire State Building. The is also a large cardboard lighthouse, and the New York skyline. The harbor has eight different ships, both with and without sail, of different styles, and from different countries. The maker of this bulb is the same individual who made Bottle ID 688.
Type: New York Harbor Scene   Maker's Name:
Category: Light Bulb   Made Where: United States
Bottle Size: 12" x 6 1/2"   Year Made: 1950's
Bottle Type: 1500 Watt Light Bulb