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Bottle 470 - Bucksaw
Date Added: 06 May 2007

This is a very well made bucksaw built in a 1930's Duraglas druggist bottle. The bucksaw is in natural wood with a wonderful patina. The saw blade is an approximate 1/8" wide piece of metal that is approximately 3" long. The center of the bucksaw is spread with a solid piece of wood that is cut out in the center. The saw blade and center piece are held to the sides of the bucksaw with metal pegs or nails. The top of the bucksaw is pulled together with metal wire twisted to create the proper tension. The bottle is sealed with a Bakelite screw top. The markings on the bottle show that it was made by the Owens-Illinois Company at the Alton, Illinois plant. It has the "Diamond O-I" makers mark of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. on the bottom of the bottle in the center. These Owens-Illinois markings provide the opportunity to also identify which plant made the bottle and in what year.
Type: Bucksaw   Maker's Name:
Category: Tool   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 6 1/4" x 2 5/8"   Year Made: 1929 - 1939
Bottle Type: Duraglass Druggist Bottle